Power up your blog, store or website

Create a site from an airtable or spreadsheet in minutes.

Let your customers automatically update their sites.

Job board demo

Create a website from an Airtable, join data from multiple views and easily create sub tables.

Menu board demo

Control the style of your sites and table, you have 100% control over all the aspects of the design

Embedded tables in just 5 min

Use your prefered web library, automatic pages, multiple languages, templates and more!

The most effective way to manage your website content.

Automate your workflows and let your customers create and update data with a spreadsheet or airtable. They control the access to the data and we convert it into a beatiful embedded table

Bootstrap templates

With the default templates you can create a variety of table using popular libraries or your own.

Tailwind templates

Check out our template pages, you can choose between timelines, products, blogs, grids and more.

Get all your web content from airtable or a spreadsheet

Create a webpage for each row automatically

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Yes, it is up and running and completly operational, sign up to create tables.

Yes, you can create tables just by adding predefined templates . You can also manipulate directly the HTML, CSS or JS, all the pages are composed of parametrized templates of html, css and js.

Yes, by default we publish the images and files to a Global CDN, but you can also download your generated site and host it yourself.

We use Stripe for billing, which is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

We do not offer refunds. However, you can easily cancel at any time, and your paid subscription will no longer renew.


  • 1200 rows
  • Multiple pages
  • Email support
  • Public site
  • Custom Styles
  • SEO Friendly Urls
$9 /per month
  • Unlimited rows
  • Multiple tables
  • Priority support
  • Full SEO control
  • Custom domain
  • Everything in basic
$19 /per month
  • User accounts
  • Up to 1000 members
  • Everything in custom
$29 /per month
All prices are in USD. Please contact us if you need a demo session.

Take the control of your content

Focus on your content. Let us handle all the details of an optimized and secure tables.